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Calling Services

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company offers the following service with an installation charge of $5.00.

Call Waiting $2.00/month
This service alerts a customer, who is already in a telephone conversation, of another incoming call.

Call Forwarding $2.00/month
Allows a customer to forward incoming calls automatically to another number.

Three-Way Calling $1.50/month
Allows a three way conversation with two other parties and enables you to hang up, leaving the other two parties connected. (Long distance charges may apply.)

Speed Calling 8 $1.25/month
Speed Calling 30 $1.75/month
Dial frequently used numbers quickly with the touch of a code.

Caller ID $4.50/month
With Caller ID, you can view on a display device who is calling before answering the phone.

Caller ID Block $0.75/month
This service blocks your name and number from appearing on other caller ID devices.

Toll Restriction $2.00/month
Toll access is denied unless a pin number is used. Ideal for controlling who makes long distance calls at your number.

Coded Ring $2.75/month
Designate a distinctive ring pattern for a teen line or a fax machine.

Voice Mail $2.00/month
Record messages from incoming callers. Retrieve messages from your home phone or other locations.

Residential Local Service - $22.00/month per line*

Business Local Service - $30.00/month per line*

*FCC monthly charges of $6.50 for single lines and $9.20 for multi-lines also apply, along with 911 monthly charges of 38.